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This Adsheet Publisher is Leroy McLaughlin.

All adsheets will remain Online for 1 full year or longer. I not only advertise your Adsheets on my master Adsheets page but run ads in Shore to Shore Magazine to help bring viewers and paying advertisers to your very own webpage that displays every adsheet you place with me for the entire year.

When viewers come to your personal webpage they can not only view your current issue, they can view every issue for the year that you place your adsheets. No other adsheet will appear on your personal Adsheet webpage.

And there is no Deadlines with inc53.com. I post your Adsheets whenever I receive them. They go Online usually the same or next day I receive them. Your adsheet will be advertising your advertisers ads before you receive your paid recept in the mail.

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POSTED 1/16/2018 - Expires 1/16/2019

POSTED 12/12/2017 - Expires 12/12/2018


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