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My name is Larry L. Mann:

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I am adding new Dealerships all the time so you MUST come back and watch for any New Dealerships.


All Print & Mail is full price first time with discounted price thereafter (if discount/commission is offered).

All Printed & Mailed Circulars are one-sided only unless stated 2-sides on Circular. (The 50 Free Postage Stamps Programs offers 4 flyers '1-side or 2-sides' Printed & Mailed).

As for the price of the 2nd side - usually it is half the price of the first side, if ordered at the same time (if there is a 50% commission or discount on the Printing & Mailing).

Not ALL Printing and Mailing offers a discount or commission with order. (If it doesn't state a discount or commission, there is none).

The 25 Stamps Program offers 2 - 1-sided Ads to be Printed & Mailed, not 2-sided Circulars like the 50 Stamps Program.

On the 2 Flyers for $24.00 with 50% Dealership;

You can send 2 1-sided or 1 2-sided circulars for $24.00. You can then send another 2 1-sided or 1 2-sided circulars for just $12.00

All your Future orders for this Printing & Mailing would only cost 50%

A lot of my 2-sides are just $10.00 each. If it doesn't say $10.00 for 2nd side it is only 50% of the cost for the first side (if a discount or commission is offered)

I have some Printing and Mailing Offers that only pays a $5.00 commission on every sale you make as a dealer.

I also offer a Free $20.00 or $25.00 All-Profit Dealership sometimes to get people to try a different Print & Mail Offer I sell.

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