600 Circulation

This is a Unique
MLM Program.

The MLM Program has a 4X3 Matrix:
  4 in 1st Level
16 in 2nd Level
64 in 3rd Level
84 TOTAL in all.

Cost for Printing & Mailing 600 is just $10.00

you keep $5.00 on every order you get.

Just forward your customer's Order and $5.00.

When someone orders 2 sides Printed & Mailed you keep $5.00 and forward $10.00 to the company.

The company will Print & Mail ANY FLYER from ANY program.

All Spillover Counts in your downline.

This MLM Program doesn't pay out on each level.

It only has one payout when you fill your matrix of 84 members.

The payout is $200.00 when your Matrix is full.

This is a $5.00
Commission Dealership on Printing & Mailing orders and a $200.00 payment when Matrix is full.

you are re-entered into your downline somewhere.

If YOU Recruited all 84 members in your downline using this Circular, you would earn an EXTRA $420.00.

Now that is worth recruiting 84 people for... $420.00

84 X $5.00 = $420.00

PLUS Your $200.00

A Possible $620.00


of Letters containing
$5.00 Bills.

Be a Mailorder Pro

Include this Flyer in all your Out-going Mail to Increase Your Potential Earnings

(To Print the Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

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