60 1" C/R All-Profit Ads

This is another $5.00 All-Profit Dealerships.

Prime Source fills your orders for this Dealership for the 2 f/c stamps.

You will receive 60 - 1" C/R All-Profit Ads paying you $1.00 or $2.00 each.

These 60 1" All-Profit Ads Sell 60 individual Reports.

Every Mailorder Dealer needs these 60 Reports.

All 1" Ads and Reports have been recently Typeset professional and Laser Printed for top Quality.

You will receive 60 1" C/R All-Profit Ads on 3 pages that can be sold from the 3 pages or advertised separately in Mailorder Adsheets.

The Dealership Flyer comes with your name and address printed on it as the dealer.

This is a $5.00
ALL-PROFIT Dealership!

of Letters containing
$5.00 Bills.

Be a Mailorder Pro

Include this Flyer in all your Out-going Mail to Increase Your Potential Earnings

(To Print the Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

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