Mailorder Economic Recovery Program

This little deal is a small step in helping out those who need a little nudge to get their busines back on track!

Most would agree that Printing and Mailing costs are the real factors affecting us now.

The Prime Source claims he can eliminate the cost of Printing & Mailing for you!

Does that Excite You? Of course it does!

The most cost effective method of Advertising right now is thru the World Wide Web or "Internet".

The Prime Source will place your 8x11 Camera Ready Circulars online for one Full Year on one of his High Traffic Websites for just $10.00 per side (+4 stamps).

This $4.00 Dealership includes this 8x11 Flyer and All 42 - 1" C/R All-Profit Ads.


When you place your circular online on his website at the above rate, he will then allow you to place additional circulars online for the next 12 months at $3.00 per side.

This is an incredible savings for you!

But that's not all....

When you purchase this Advertising Program, the Prime Source wil send you a 50% Dealership that pays you $5.00 for each sale you make.

Send $10.00 and 4 f/c stamps today for this $5.00 Dealership.

This is a $5.00
50% Dealership!

of Letters containing
$5.00 or 5 - $1.00 Bills.

Be a Mailorder Pro

Include this Flyer in all your Out-going Mail to Increase Your Potential Earnings

(To Print the Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

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