Postal Savings Guide

This Booklet comes with reprint rights.

Start receiving $3.00 CASH from every Booklet you Sell.

You must print this Booklet up and fill the orders yourself. It is a small Booklet so it can be copied as orders come in. No need to have hundreds of these Booklets printed up and taking up shelf space.

The Prime Source has included:

A Working Knowledge of Postal Laws and regulations

Penalties for Using the Mails To Defraud

Penalties for Using the Mails To Defraud

Need For Familiarity with Classes and Rates of Mail

Keep Your Business Above Reproach

Packaging and Addressing Pacels and Packages

Use of Standard Size Envelopes

Watch Your Weight

Postage Meter

Keep Your Mailing List Current

Special Handling

Priority Mail

What To Do When You Have A Postal Problem

Tips To Save Postage

Current Postal Rate Chart

  • USA - First Class Rate
  • USA Postcard Rate
  • Canada Rates
  • Express Mail
  • Priority Mail

You simply Mail as many of these C/R Circulars with your name printed on them as you can, or at least Mail one in all your Outgoing DAILY MAIL!

Be a Mailorder Pro

Include this Flyer in all your Out-going Mail to Increase Your Potential Earnings

(To Print the Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

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