Instant Business Commission Catalog

A Profitable Money Making Opportunity!

Easiest To Begin with a small Startup Cost!

Commission Circulars allow one to make money without handling the product.

Orders come directly to YOU!
You Keep 50% or more of the money and send the balance to the Prime Source

The Prime Source will fill the order to your customer!
Your function is to collect the profits while someone else does the work for you.

It's Fun, Exciting and Profitable.

This Commission Catalog is filled with page after page of 50%, &5% and 100% commission ads.

Your Name & Address typeset Free on these beautifully designed Ads.

Ads range in size from small to 8X11 circulars.

75% of the catalog is now 100% All-Profit.

You owe it to yourself to get a copy.

This is a $10.00
ALL-PROFIT Dealership!

of Letters containing
$10.00 Bills.

Be a Mailorder Pro

Include this Flyer in all your Out-going Mail to Increase Your Potential Earnings

(To Print the Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

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