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My name is Larry L. Mann:

I am the Creator and Webmaster of

I created this website to offer affordable Advertising Services to the Mail Order Industry!

If you look to your left, you will see my Advertising Webpage Offers.
If you advertise an 8x11 Circulars on my web site, I will put your Circular on your very own webpage.

I Offer Advertising for 12 Months - $20.00 for first Flyer and $3.00 for each additional Flyer so you can put all your OFFERS on your FREE Webpage. You are given a %50 Commission Dealership with your order!

I Offer Advertising for 1 full year on a special page for $20.00 then $10.00 for each additional Flyer. You are given a %50 Commission Dealership with your order!

I also offer 1 Full Year of Advertising for 1 book of Stamps ($9.80) with all additional Flyers only 10 Stamps. You are given a %50 Commission Dealership with your order!

There is a Lifetime Advertising webpage also. Your Flyers are $30.00 for the first Flyer and only $3.00 for each additional Flyer on your very own webpage! You are given a %50 Commission Dealership with your order!

My Best Advertising Program is the Biz Ads Webpage!
Your Flyer is posted on the Biz Ads Webpage indefinitely. Your webpage Url is printed on an 8x11 Flyer that you can mail in All your out going mail.
This Flyer with your Webpage Url Listed on it will be sent to "Shore To Shore" Mail Order Magazine and circulated to 5,000 in at least 2 issues. Your first 8x11 Flyer costs $20.00 then all additional Flyers posted on your very own webpage are just $10.00 each, per side.
This gives your advertising a minimum of 2 issues of a 5,000 circulation in a Mail Order Publication.

PLUS whenever anyone comes to the Biz Ads Webpage, they will see the Master Copy of ALL the Offer Titles and Urls to click on to view your offers also.

These are your webpages and no other ads will go on them except your ads. You should add all the circulars you can afford to so when someone goes to your webpages they can see all the Opportunities you are Offering.
Viewers can print out any or all of your offers on your webpages and send the orders straight to YOU at Your Address.

I also advertise your webpages on my website to help you get customers.

I Offer not only Advertising, but Opportunities and Dealerships as well


      Over 200 - 1" Camera/Ready All-Profit Ads

      $3.00 to a full $10.00 FLAT RATE/PRIORITY MAIL

      Over 1,000 Reports! Learn all there is to know about Mail Order and More!

      I haven't even counted all the Dealerships that are available in my Dealership Offers.

I am adding new Dealerships all the time so you MUST come back and watch for any New Dealerships.


All Print & Mail is full price first time with discounted price thereafter (if discount/commission is offered).

All Printed & Mailed Circulars are one-sided only unless stated 2-sides on Circular. (The 50 Free Postage Stamps Programs offers 4 flyers '1-side or 2-sides' Printed & Mailed).

As for the price of the 2nd side - usually it is half the price of the first side, if ordered at the same time (if there is a 50% commission or discount on the Printing & Mailing).

Not ALL Printing and Mailing offers a discount or commission with order. (If it doesn't state a discount or commission, there is none).

The 25 Stamps Program offers 2 - 1-sided Ads to be Printed & Mailed, not 2-sided Circulars like the 50 Stamps Program.

On the 2 Flyers for $24.00 with 50% Dealership;

You can send 2 1-sided or 1 2-sided circulars for $24.00. You can then send another 2 1-sided or 1 2-sided circulars for just $12.00

All your Future orders for this Printing & Mailing would only cost 50%

A lot of my 2-sides are just $10.00 each. If it doesn't say $10.00 for 2nd side it is only 50% of the cost for the first side (if a discount or commission is offered)

I have some Printing and Mailing Offers that only pays a $5.00 commission on every sale you make as a dealer.

I also offer a Free $20.00 or $25.00 All-Profit Dealership sometimes to get people to try a different Print & Mail Offer I sell.

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