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My name is Larry L. Mann:

I am the Creator and Webmaster of

I created this website to offer affordable Advertising Services to the Mail Order Industry!

I Offer Advertising for the Biz Ads web page. The cost is $20.00 for first Flyer, Circular or Adsheet and $10.00 for each additional Flyer, Circular or Adsheet.

You are given a FREE Webpage with your first Circular, Flyer or Adsheet.
I offer this webpage to advertisers (FREE) so they can put all their OFFERS on their very own FREE Webpage for an indefinite time period.

After you pay $20.00 for the first 8x11 Ad - - All YOUR Future 8x11 Ads are just $10.00 each per side.
At that price, you can not afford not to advertise ALL your 8x11 Ads.

PLUS - - Your new webpage Url is printed on an 8x11 Flyer and printed in a Mail Order Publication to a 5,000 circulation! You also receive a Camera/Ready Copy of this 8x11 Flyer to mail in all your out going mail or to have printed and mailed.

Your webpage Url and Title of Offer stays on the Flyer until it rotates off the page, so your advertising may get seen for several months not just 2 issues.

There is no Dealership with this offer but gets your webpage Url sent out in a minumum of 2 issues of Shore To Shore or other Mail Order Publication with a 5,000 circulation.

That is like getting a 10,000 circulation for all offers you have posted on Your Special Webpage.

Where else can you get all your offers advertised in a 5,000 Mail Order Publication for just $10.00 each after the first flyer?

This is YOUR webpage and no other ads will go on them except your ads. You should add all the circulars you can afford to so when someone goes to your webpage they can view all the Opportunities you are Offering.

This is a UNIQUE INDEFINITE ADVERTISING! All advertiser's Offers stay on the Master webpage for an Indefinite period of time.

Viewers can print out any or all of your offers on your webpage and send the orders straight to YOU at Your Address.

I also advertise your webpage on my website to help you get customers as well as giving you a Flyer with your Webpage address printed on it that you can mail in all your out going mail or have it printed and mailed.

I not only OFFER Advertising, but Opportunities and Dealerships as well


      Over 200 - 1" Camera/Ready All-Profit Ads

      $3.00 to a full $10.00 FLAT RATE/PRIORITY MAIL

      Over 1,000 Reports! Learn all there is to know about Mail Order and More!

      I haven't even counted all the Dealerships that are available in my Dealership Offers.

I am adding new Dealerships all the time so you MUST come back and watch for any New Dealerships.

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