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To be rich - to have an endless supply of money for anything and everything - is the goal of almost every man, woman, and child in the world. More specifically, people who don't have, but would like to have, money enough for everything they have always wanted, are continually searching for some "secret combination" that will open the doors to unlimited wealth for them.

Sooner or later, these people all turn to mail order selling and, one way or another, give it a try as a pathway to the fulfillment of all their dreams. And, why not?

They are constantly bombarded with "fabulous get rich quick" opportunity offers in their mail boxes. In just about every magazine they look at, full page advertisements promising UTOPIA, just for clipping and sending in the attached coupon, jump out at them.

Each and every one of these opportunity offers seems to promise complete fulfillment of the readers "needs, wants, and desires." They all make it sound as if all one has to do is sign up - send in the small fee - get the details - an explanation of the plan - and almost immediately, their mail boxes will begin to overflow with letters containing cash, checks and money orders. No big investment - no business knowledge - and no work required.

My friend, all of this is "advertising hype," designed to "lead the reader into seeing and tasting" the fulfillment of all his dreams. He's so overwhelmed by "the solution to his wants" offered by the advertisement, that he reads "only what he wants to read" in these opportunity offers. That's "Top-of-the-line" copywriting, and worth its weight in gold!

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