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"Lifetime" is the Lifetime of this Website with no ad exchanges!
Publisher is NOT responsible for any ads lost or deleted from website crash or shut down and NO refunds will be allowed.
The Publisher has the right to delete any ads for any reason with no refund. At the end of each year you will be contacted through your ad. If you don't respond, your ad will be deleted to prevent any annoying mail to new residence.

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You would pay $30.00 for 1st Flyer and $15.00 for each additional page.
Otherwise only one flyer per PDF webpage.

Send Your Flyers Today with proper Payment to:

Larry L. Mann
P.O. Box 130
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Publisher is not Responsible for your dealings with Advertisers. It is said most people move every ten years. That means some ads may be unreachable. If you get a "moved", "deseased", "Out of Business" etc. or can not reach an Advertiser for any reason - please inform me and I will delete the ad.

Let YOUR Flyers work for YOU - 24/7 on our "Online BIG MAIL"
in "PDF" Format

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