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My name is Larry L. Mann:

I am the Creator and Webmaster of Ads

I created this website to offer affordable Advertising and Other Services to the Mail Order Industry!

I Offer Over 200 1" Camera/Ready All-Profit Ads. Each 1" Camera/ Ready All-Profit Ad comes with the information that fills the Order. Each Answer sheet will come with the answer that may be 1 or 2 Sentences up to 1-7 pages of Information.

You can click on each title to enlarge the 1" Camera/Ready All-Profit Ad making it easier to read. You can Order each report separately or buy a group of Ads wih the fillers or purchase the whole collection of Over 200 All-Profit Ads by printing the Order Forms of the Ads and Information you want.

All orders for 1" Camera/Ready Ads must be paid in Cash at These Prices.
If you buy a large quantity of Ads and Information you may send a Postal Money Order.

1" Camera/Ready All-Profit Ads have their place in the Mail Order Industry! They are considered as Loss Leaders as well as Money Makers.

People need something to sell if they are going to start a Mail Order Business.
Reports and Information is one of the most popular ways of starting a business.
Information is the #1 Money Making Business in Mail Order.
Information is successful because it can be sold for any price and it is cheaper to print a 1 or 2 page report and mail for pennies.
It's all Profit when you look at it that way.

As a Dealer YOU decide what reports you will sell and how you will sell them.

You can advertise these cheap 1" Ads in Mail Order Publications just to get names and addresses to send your offers to.
You can use these All-profit Ads to find out what the people are interested in.
These All-Profit Ads can be used to make Money selling the Reports or to bring in much needed Postage Stamps.

When you are the Prime Source of these All-Profit Ads you can sell them anyway you like for what ever price you want.

As the proud Owner you can group these jewels any way you like to create a new Flyer that will sell them as a new Dealership.

As the Prime Source of these All-Profit Ads you can offer them as All-Profit dealerships. Dealers keep all the money and you fill the orders for them. This gives you more new names to mail your other offers to.

Did you know that most of these All-Profit Ads sell Reports?
Well, that means You can Sell the Reports also, doubling your Sales, and offering the 1" All-Profit Ads with each Report.

Your selling Potential is virtually Unlimited!

You can use these All-Profit Ads as a way to get Buyer Names for Your very own Name List Business!

I am adding new Dealerships all the time so you MUST come back and watch for any New Dealerships.

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