This page has been added to my website so Adsheet Publishers can now post their adsheets Online with These adsheets will remain Online for 1 full year or longer.

If you publish a Quality Adsheet or Mail Order Publication and would like it viewed on this Quality Website just send them in. Contact information is located on the Contact page and ordering instructions are located on the About page located to the left.

As more new Adsheets are added, they are placed at the top as they come in. Be sure to scroll down to view all the Adsheets and the exciting Offers in them.

This page was added January 2015 to give Mail Order Publishers a Quality Website that offers them a simple medium to display their Showcase of ads and bring all new visiters to view their Quality Adsheets and Offers!

Hopefully in a few short weeks in 2015, everyone can come here to find all their popular Adsheets, Publishers and latest offers.

To print an adsheet, simple "right click" anywhere on the adsheet you are viewing, then select "Print Picture" or Print Image".

After viewing an ad sheet, use your "back" button to return to this index page so that you may view more ad sheets.

(Adsheets will be listed in Aphabetical order to make it easier to Locate your Favorites)

(Uploaded 10-14-2016)

Bruce McFayden's Adsheet (Uploaded 6-7-2019)

Cajun Express Adsheets (Uploaded 10-14-2016)

Co-Publishable Adsheets (UpLoaded 6/12/2016)

D&A'S BIG-SUCCESS ADS (Updated 7/21/2017)

Diamond Media (Updated 5/22/2021

Golden Ticket Adsheet (Updated 8/9/2020)

Mail4Pay Adsheet (Updated 6/28/2020)

Michael Hall's Opportunity ~ Classifieds (Updated 5/6/2019)


plus magazine online (Uploaded 11/23/2018)

Seacoast Ads (Updated 11/17/2018)

Southern Advertiser (Updated 8/14/2017)

Southern Coach Classifieds (Updated 6/28/2020)

Southern Star Advertiser (Updated 5/7/2021)

Stagecoach Mail Advertiser (Updated 6/20/2017)

Webmasterleroy (Updated 3/5/2022)

(To Print This Flyer, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture") Give away or Sell for $1.00-$2.00

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