Adsheets and Mail Order Publications Ordering Information !

All 1-sided 8�x11 Adsheets and Mail Order Publications are just $5.00 each.
Two sided Adsheets are counted as 2 pages or $10.00

2 sided Adsheets will be posted on a webpage side by side as one 11x17 page. All single sided Adsheets will be posted as one 8�x11 Page.

I ask that all Adsheets and Publications be mail to me flat in a 9X12 envelope. The envelope must be able to bend or you will have to pay more at the post office to mail it.

If you fold your Adsheet or any thing you want posted Online, it will print out with a line where it was folded.
You must send your best copy in order to put quality into your business which will make your business look good to your advertisers who paid you for the service.

I can only put the quality in your Adsheets that you put in them. They will only look as good as what you mail.

The cost for having your Adsheets Posted Online is $5.00 each per 8�x11 per side.

I do not offer a Typesetting Service. All orders must be Camera Ready at this price.

You can send all the Adsheets or Endless Advertisers you like.

Where else can you get a deal like this?

Send all orders to:

Larry L. Mann
P.O. Box 130
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

All orders must be paid in Cash at this extremely low price!

The nearest Bank from me is 10 miles so if you want to send a check or money order, make it out for $5.00 MORE to cover the cost of a round trip drive to the bank and back.

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