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POSTED 8/7/2022


When you place one or more 8?x11 Circular(s) or Adsheet(s) in for 6 Months (6 FULL Months at any Advertised price) - You will become the Authorized owner of your own 6 Month webpage. This is your webpage for the Life of your ads. You will be able to add all the Circulars or Adsheets you want to at any time for just $3.00 each. The Life of your webpage can be extended by adding future Circulars or Adsheets for an additional 6 months from the new posting date.
(Due to the economy - prices are subject to change without notice)

The Webmaster of is not Responsible nor Liable for any dealings between our Advertisers and their Customers. This Webpage will be seen all around the world so all prices are payable in US Dollars. Foreign Customers Please contact Advertiser for their overseas shipping/mailing rates before ordering.



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