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The Publisher has the right to delete any ads for any reason with no refund.


Add your "Mail Order" 1 inch C/R Ad to 8x11 flyers, Circulars and Adsheets here for 3 months

Send your 8x11 Advertisements, Circulars and Adsheets flat with a LSASE To:
Dept 3-M
PO Box 130
Bell Buckle TN 37020

I accept PayPal and Alertpay payments in US Dollars only.

Mail Order Dealers Add your C/R Ads and Circulars/Adsheets here for 6 months.
Internet Users Send Payment by Paypal or Alertpay to inc53@yahoo.com.
You can email your Ads and Circulars separately to inc53@yahoo.com.

Your Camera Ready Ads Posted Here On Our Internet Adsheet

Ads Stay Online For 3 Months

Ads Are Posted Weekly

Rates For Camera Ready Ads:

1" = $1.00

2" = $2.00

3" = $3.00

2x5" = $5.00

4 x 6" = $7.00

5 x 8" = $8.00

8x11" = $10.00

Each Order Must Include A LSASE For Your Acknowledgment.

Send Your C/R Ads Today To:

LLM  3-M
P.O. BOX 130
Bell Buckle TN 37020

Publisher is not Responsible for your dealings with Advertisers. It is said most people move every ten years. That means some ads may be unreachable. If you get a "moved", "deseased", "Out of Business" etc. or can not reach an Advertiser for any reason - please inform me and I will delete the ad.

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